Earthquake Update

To all of our customers, we are open! Like many of you in our community we took a huge hit at the studio. We lost a lot of inventory and a kiln during the earthquake. We are so fortunate that no one was in the studio when the quake hit. We were able to have a small order delivered this week (many thanks to Matson & SpanAK). We have plenty of pieces to be painted, I promise! Our firing times are little bit longer, we are estimating about 10 days at the moment.  Firing times will continue to get better as we get caught up.

A lot of people have asked how they can help. Keep spending your family time with us and other local businesses! Come in and create wonderful presents for those special people in your life! Relax and paint something fantastic for yourself!

We all could use new dishes now!

Hope to see you soon, Merry Christmas!