Potty Mouth / Adults Only / March 21st, 2019


Alright all you naughty peeps….. Potty Mouth Pottery is back!

Invite your friends and come paint whatever the F&@K you want to on your ceramic piece(s). Don’t be a Richard by bringing your kiddos to this adult night. We will have many bad a$$ templates for you to use. They can be resized to fit any of our pieces. If you want to be a total Sa$$hole by painting the biggest f&@k you on a platter, we’ll help you out with that. Our textures and techniques are kick a$$ too! March 21st is going to be f&@king fantastic!

There is a class fee of $8.00 plus the cost of the piece(s) you pick out to paint. All of our pieces are individually priced. Class fee required at sign up.

Sign up here!